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This standard online application to rent is made available subject to your acknowledgement or agreement to the following:

1. You are NOT a California resident. This online application is NOT intended for use by California residents, please contact your potential landlord for instructions on how to apply for housing.

2. You spoke to the landlord or otherwise confirmed that the desired rental unit is available. Note that you acquire no right to the property unless or until you pay a holding deposit.

3. The (non-refundable) application fee of $47.50 is payable upon submission. We accept American Express, Visa & MasterCard.

4. You received a copy of (or access to) the landlord's rental criteria if applying for a property located in the State of Washington.

Please exercise care when entering the name, address and contact information associated with the desired rental property. Contact the landlord if you are uncertain.

Please enter your social security number (SSN) if one has been issued to you. Submission of an SSN helps assure access to your credit profile and reduces the likelihood of processing delays. We maintain strict physical, electronic and administrative security practices to protect your information. Moco Privacy Policy.

Equal Housing Opportunity

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Each person over the age of 18, who will be residing in the rental unit, is required to complete a separate application.

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