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Rental Criteria 
January 2018
A holding fee will be required. If I/we am/are not accepted, my/our holding fee will be returned.  If accepted, the Holding Fee will become the Security Deposit upon move-in, of which there is a non-refundable FEE for carpet cleaning withheld at the time of move out.  The carpet cleaning charge will vary per unit. 
Acer NW Inc. has approximately two business days to review my/our past rental history, credit references, history, employment and any other factors which will determine if I/we qualify to rent this home. A non-refundable application fee of $30.00 is required per adult (18 and older) who will be living in the unit to process the application. The Rental Application I/we have completed will be used as part of the screening process and will be included in the lease.  I/We understand that Acer NW, Inc. complies with all equal opportunity laws and regulations.  It considers:
1. Financial ability and history of timely rent payments
2. Rental history and reputation for taking care of property
3. Ability to get along with neighbors
4. Absence of prior eviction, illegal activities or criminal records
5. Prompt notification of defects in housing.
 I/we give Acer NW, Inc. permission to contact current and/or previous landlords or property managers and employers for verifications and references
I/we understand that if I/we are self employed, have not rented before or am/are newly employed a last month’s  rent will be required.
I/ we understand that verifiable and consistent employment of at least 6 months is required, if retired 3 months bank statements will be required and self employed must provide 2 years tax statement as part of the screening process.
I/ we understand if a conviction of a felony, drug related charge, sexual offence, or disorderly conduct is listed on a background check,  my/our application may not be accepted for residency.
Once I/we am/are notified that my/our application is accepted, the holding fee will/must be deposited into the Acer NW Inc. Trust Account within 24-hours and become my/our security deposit on the lease which I/we will sign.  If I/we fail to sign the lease prior to the starting date on the lease, I/WE WILL FORFEIT THE HOLDING FEE to compensate the owner for taking the house off the market.  I/we understand that we have no rights or interest to the house until I/we have been accepted by Acer NW, Inc., and my/our holding fee is deposited into the Acer NW, Inc. Trust account. Upon acceptance (by Owner) and mutual agreement of a specific move-in-date, if I/We fail(s) to take possession (move-in) by the agreed upon date, I/We will forfeit the holding fee in full and all rights to rent the home unless re-negotiated and accepted by Owner.  I/We understand that the property will then be re-listed for rent.
I/we understand that the first and last month’s rent must be paid in the form of a CASHIER’S CHECK OR MONEY ORDER PRIOR TO MY/OUR MOVING IN.  Personal checks will not be accepted for initial payment.  I/we have received a copy of this form, which acts as my/our receipt.
In compliance with state and federal consumer reporting law, you are hereby advised that a screening will be conducted regarding the information contained in your application. The report may contain information regarding your credit-worthiness, character, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living. By signing this form you authorize Acer NW, Inc. to conduct the screening and to release information obtained to landlord and landlord’s agents. If the application is denied or approved conditionally based upon information contained in the report, you can request and obtain a copy of the report. You have the right to dispute the accuracy of information contained in the report. You may have additional rights under both state and federal law.

Please enter your social security number (SSN) if one has been issued to you. Submission of an SSN helps assure access to your credit profile and reduces the likelihood of processing delays. We maintain strict physical, electronic and administrative security practices to protect your information. Moco Privacy Policy.

Equal Housing Opportunity

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Each person over the age of 18, who will be residing in the rental unit, is required to complete a separate application.

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