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Background screening for professional property managers & management companies, large corporations.


Tenant screening for independent rental owners, real estate agents and applicants who wish to order their own screening report.



On Tuesday, October 19th, 2021, Global Verification Network (GVN) completed the purchase and acquisition of the key assets of MOCO, including, MOCO’s proprietary, direct to the consumer, shareable tenant screening report which allows an applicant to share their consumer report information as many times as necessary within a 30 day window directly to landlords in a safe and secure manner. The purpose of the purchase was to acquire and on-board the key accounts, technology and personnel of MOCO and merge them into the GVN ecosystem. In addition to adding the majority of the MOCO operations team, GVN hired directly for its executive team, Megan McCormick (VP of Marketing) and Jennifer Holbrook (VP of Compliance). GVN also hired Tori Forbes from ARMCO/MOCO to compliment and complete the GVN finance team.

Global Verification Network is a full-service, boutique, employment and tenant screening services provider owned by TriHelix Investments. GVN utilizes TazWorks and QuickLease Pro software (recently acquired by MerdianLink) to manage its back-office operations as well as to interface directly with its customers (and in some instances directly with consumers) through their respective, customer & applicant facing interfaces. Additionally, GVN owns and maintains its own proprietary lease generation software,, which allows landlords and their “agents” (brokers, realtors & property management companies) to offer fully customizable & client branded leasing software at no charge to the landlord or agent!

In the days and weeks ahead, GVN will be rapidly updating many of the legacy business processes of MOCO in order to bring the newly acquired book of business into the current regulatory and legal framework of today’s highly scrutinized, compliance minded environment which is primarily focused on the protection of consumer’s personal data and their corresponding privacy rights. We will promptly curtail any screening or verification processes that might otherwise be deemed to have a discriminatory or disparate impact on consumers.

GVN will collaborate with MOCO’s current clients to modify their existing screening programs with the stated purpose of achieving GVN’s compliance initiatives through increased efficiencies in the operational, customer service and accounting functions, while also meeting the screening needs of its client end-users. The additional emphasis on the promotion and protection of the consumer’s rights throughout the screening process will not only achieve an immediate cost and time savings benefit for the client end-users, but also ensure adherence to an end-to-end screening process that is highly efficient and legally compliant with the quickly evolving regulatory environment that exists in the employment & tenant screening industries of 2021 and beyond.

With Respect,

Christian A. Moore,
President & COO
Global Verification Network